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Nautileash®, a fine, handcrafted dog leash for any occasion.

Real anchor/docking line combined with a long-trusted sailor’s Brummel splice, made by a direct descendant of an early 1900’s New York Harbor tug boat captain, makes Nautileash® truly seaworthy.

Created using single braided nylon line, this beautiful dog leash is exceptionally soft to the touch, and a pleasure to hold in your hands. Its textured surface with sturdy splices at either end helps provide a secure grip with no need for crimping, stitching or mechanical fasteners.

Marine hardware (Italian made) lobster claw clasp gives style and “doubled over” strength while attached to a 20lb. pup on up to a 200 lb. pony.

A 316 grade stainless steel swivel snap shackle is also available as an alternate hardware choice for the pups who enjoy a bit more robust voyage!

Included brass “D” ring is excellent for hanging a light for nightly walks, keys, poop bag dispenser or anything else you may need while walking with your best companion.

Strong (withstands up to 7000 lbs!) and durable, this leash is long-lasting with excellent resistance to rot, abrasion and fading.


*Thanks Cole for the great pic., you are a handsome lad.


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