Butterfly Engraved Stone

Handcrafted by Tailwaggers Bay

Spread your wings and fly!

Butterfly lovers, add an attractive touch to your garden decor, brighten the sun room or create a conversational piece in your home with this intricately engraved Swallowtail butterfly stone.

Through the art of sand carving, we take natural river rocks and etch them into beautiful pieces of stone art. Individually hand-selected, these eye-catching pieces are created with time and precision. Whether it is a nature, coastal or dog design; each one is perfectly selected to match the stone's distinct shape, size and color.

Our eco-friendly bamboo base, using sustainable bamboo (including bamboo from our backyard), is included to help beautifully display this one-of-a-kind piece.

Passion for animals and nature, creativity and each stone’s distinction makes your engraved stone a true original.

♦  Approx. size: 7" w x 5" h

♦ Approx. weight: 3.70 lbs

♦ Sourced from rivers of United States of America.

♦ Durable clear lacquer protection.

♦ Colors of design and rocks may vary slightly as computer monitors differ

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