American Dog Paw Engraved Stone

Handcrafted by Tailwaggers Bay®

Three wags for the red, white and blue.

Proudly share your love for dogs and America with this engraved river rock. This stone features American red, white and a deep Atlantic blue dog paw. Perfect for the flower garden, your patio or as a conversational piece in home or office.

Through the art of sand carving, we take natural river rocks and etch them into beautiful pieces of stone art. Individually hand-selected, these eye-catching pieces are created with time and precision. Whether it is a dog, coastal or nature design; each one is perfectly selected to match the stone's distinct shape, size and color.

Passion for animals and nature, creativity and each stone’s distinction makes your engraved stone a true original.

♦ Approx. size: 7" w x 5" h

♦ Approx. weight:  5 lb. 4 oz.

♦ Cork feet for rock stability and surface protection.

♦ Durable clear lacquer finish.

♦ Stones sourced from U.S.A. rivers

♦ Colors of design and rocks may vary slightly as computer monitors differ

      ** Please note the vein of iron ore present on the face of the rock which runs through the back of the stone. This is NOT a color bleed from the paint in the paw design.**

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