We here at Tailwaggers Bay® have a core belief that all animals are entrusted to us,

as humans, with reasonable expectations of stewardship and care.

While not all kinds of animals appeal to all "pet owners" universally,

we believe that if the the term "pet" is assigned to any creature with feathers, scales,

a shell, skin, hair or fur, then we collectively have a responsibility to them.

Virtually anywhere you travel you will find animals abiding with us humans.

There is no question as to the mutual benefits of sharing our space with an animal or two.

We say, let's do all we can to promote the adoption and care of the very many pets

that are simply waiting for a home and the comfort of a gentle hand.

apalé was created for anyone that is inclined to care, share and wear their "paws on their sleeves."

One hundred percent of the net proceeds generated from this project are distributed to facilities where

food, medical care and adoption services are provided and the need is great.

So visit a local shelter when contemplating whether to expand your pack and consider one of the many faces

that look up and show how easily they can wag a tail or their voice can purr in anticipation of a ride home.