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Dog Beach Days

November 08, 2018 1 Comment

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Dog Beach Days

Up and at’em! Three magical words were spoken by my dad when I was a child. Why so magical? Those three simple words translated into the best three words ever, “It’s. Beach. Time!” As soon as I heard those words on a Saturday morning, I would leap out of bed, throw my swimsuit on, and excitedly await to hear the announcement of our destination. Was it going to be Clearwater Beach, Fort Desoto Park, or maybe, just possibly the Causeway? If the verdict was the Causeway then I knew my beach day was going to rock! It meant that I would get to bring my two very special friends! The best friends a little girl could have. They loved the beach. They loved to run, swim, and play. They always seemed to understand me. They would quietly listen to me when I was upset or sad. They were fun, loyal, and always provided unconditional love. Their names were Donner and Blitz (German for Thunder and Lighting) and they were my two German Shepherd besties. 

Back in the 70’s there were no dog beaches in my hometown of Tampa, Fl so the next best thing was to take your pup to the Causeway, located on Tampa Bay. There wasn’t much coast line. Sometimes it was filled with sea grass that would get tangled in your toes and the colors were not always the pristine aqua and emerald colors of the Gulf. But I had my dogs there and that was all I needed. I was perfectly happy. Give me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a can of Pringles potato chips, a wedge of drippy, juicy watermelon, two salty, happy dogs, and I was in little girl heaven.

You see, I absolutely cherished the coast as a kid and to have my best buddies with me at the beach playing ball, swimming together, and sharing the water experience was a true win-win. Throughout my life, my two passions have always stayed the same-dogs and the coastal life. I have always loved dogs and from the time I was born, dogs have been a constant in my life. I have had the pleasure of having companionship of four German Shepherds, one Foxhound mix, one “Labradingo”, one Labrador Retriever, and now my beautiful girlie, Golden Retriever. During my youth I spent my summers shelling with my grandparents at their beach house in Topsail Beach, North Carolina. My high school days were consumed with weekend sun worshipping at Pensacola Beach and now my current home is just minutes away from the Gulf in Venice, Florida.

To me, dogs and the coast share several wonderful qualities. They both offer a sense of playfulness, wonder, curiosity, smiles, fun, laughter, enlightenment, and relaxation. I like to say they nourish and nurture the mind, body and soul. 

My hope is that by reading this blog, you will experience the same pure happiness that you experience when walking on the beach with your pup. Maybe you will feel enlightened just like you did when you first learned the name of that new beach shell. Or maybe you will experience a sense of peace, calm, and relaxation while on a sunset cruise. In either case, I invite you to ease back in your Adirondack chair, grab a refreshing beverage, breathe in the sea air to, and take a moment to ... PAWS & SEA

Blitz, loving being a water dog

My father, sis and that's me in the front...Notice how the pups are right next to me!

Strolling along

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June 05, 2019

Sweet childhood memories! :-)

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