Pawnders from Polar

by Polar Dog August 13, 2016

Pawnders from Polar


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Polar and I am a Yellow Lab (actually I'm mostly cream). My sister is a Golden Retriever. She is always happy and lives for hugs! Our passions are going to the beach, zoomies, playing ball, belly-rubs and eating (pizza and yogurt are our favorites).  We are both rescues and are especially touched by dogs and all animals in need. 

There are many success stories of how we have helped humans, have helped each other, and have shared our lives together. My desire of this blog is to bring a happy wag to the world through these inspirational stories and to spread the awareness of the joy, benefits and happiness of sharing a life with dogs and other animals.

Being the CLO (Chief Lab Officer) of TWB, I am also very excited to be The one in charge of updating you on new products, report behind the scenes news and keep you in the know for Tailwaggers Bay. 

Welcome aboard and enjoy the journey to a life where we can all live 🐾sitive!!











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Polar Dog
Polar Dog


I like to EAT

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